Who Is The Visual In Big Bang

Big Bang Visual

Big Bang is one of the most popular boy groups in Kpop at the moment. They have an absolutely massive fan base with huge amounts of dedication, and all of the members are pretty commonly seen in pop media. All of the members in Big Bang are gorgeous and they’re each a visual in their own way – but who reigns supreme? Who is THE number one visual in Big Bang?! Kpopcraze has the answers.

G-Dragon is the leader of the groups and by far one of the most visual members. His hairdo is always on point, he’s well-spoken, and he’s talented, and he’s got those long eyelashes. How can you not find him attractive?

G Dragon Visual G Dragon Visual G Dragon Visual G Dragon Visual


T.O.P is definitely the visual in Big Bang. No Questions asked. G-Dragon is attractive, but T.O.P. is on another level. Just check out this hunk…

TOP Visual TOP Visual TOP Visual TOP Visual TOP Visual


Move over Brad Pitt, T.O.P. is in town. His face structure is like that of a demigod and his hair is incredible. It’s really just unfair how good looking he is.

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