Who Is The Best Overwatch Player In Kpop?

Choi Dongha Overwatch

In Kpop we learn to appreciate a lot of things about our favorite Idols. Their voice, their sense of style, their looks, their personality, and their sweet dance moves – but there’s one thing we’ve all been asking… Which Idol is the best at Overwatch? Well, wonder no longer, because the answer is out!

Choi Dongha is a rookie who’s soon to appear on Produce 101 Season 2, and he was recently revealed to be number 30 worldwide for Overwatch. Dongha claims to play Overwatch as a hobby, but many people are speculating that he must have some pro experience in order to rank as high as he is. Dongha also admits that he’s been approached by multiple pro teams with offers to join, but he’s declined in favor of pursuing his career as a singer. That isn’t such a bad idea considering if singing doesn’t work out he can always fall back on gaming.

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