March Comebacks: Red Velvet vs GOT7

The 2014 kpop groups from the big three companies might be facing each other for a comeback battle this March!

GOT7 confirmed their comeback with a mini album Flight Log: Departure on March 21 and they’ve shared their tracklist as part of the teaser. They’ve also announced that they will have a concert as well.

While Red Velvet also confirmed they’re March comeback. They also shared that they’ve finished filming for their MV.

GOT7 and Red Velvet both debuted in the year 2014 and became successful rapidly. They both have a big fandom internationally as well.

If ever, this will be the very first time that they will have a face-off comeback.

GOT7’s last release was “If You Do” while Red Velvet was the Christmas Project ‘Wish List” and the very catchy “Dumb Dumb”.

Who do you think will win in this face off: Red Velvet or GOT7?

  • Lourd Daniel Colita-Love

    what about these .. im sure red velvet will win… go Yeri