Kpop Groups that members are all popular

Many Kpop Groups are popular as a whole but we have to admit it, even though their group is popular there are some members who are not noticed much by the public and worse, they didn’t know he/she is part of the group. But there are also lucky kpop groups in which all members have their own popularity and they can even stand alone without their group because they have established fame for themselves and one example would be BIGBANG ofcourse as they have proved it when all of them released solo activities and all of them are very successful.

An article in Pann discussed the kpop groups that the members are all popular. They cited BIGBANG, Sistar, Girls Generation and EXO. But in the comments, some agree and some don’t. They also cited some groups that we’re not mentioned. And in our opinion, Bigbang, TVXQ(DB5K) Sistar and SHINee that should be on the list because each one of them are popular individually and ofcourse as a group as well. Each members of that kpop groups have different genres/skill(being on variety,musical,radio show etc) that they excel well besides being in the group.

Here are the comments of the K-Netizens, read and analyze their opinion and see if you also agree:

 [+68, -11] What EXO ㅋㅋ Baekhyun was known because of his dating news and DO with his drama. Is there any popular member? Oh, Chen on King of Mask Singer.

[+66, -0] It’s hard to be popular when they have a lot of members

 [+65, -6] For BTOB, only Sungjae is promoted. At least Minhyuk is preparing for a drama, Changsub has hardcore fans, and Ilhoon on Weekly Idol. The rest of the members are unknown. Still, people only recognize Sungjae ㅠㅠ

[+53, -154] Infinite

[+40, -4] TVXQ and SHINee

[+34, -35] Not SNSD though. It’s only Taeyeon, Tiffany, Yoona and Sunny.


Do you agree with the netizens? Can you list the groups that you think have members that are all popular?

  • teni

    well where’s 2ne1? i agree with bigbang but not with girl’s generation ,i only know of yoona ,and i heard tiffany and taeyoon but i cannot differentiate who is who ? why they all do look alike . for exo ,i only know of chanyeol ,luhan ,kris ,fors sistar well they are just four you can emorize them all but hyolyn and soyou stood out for me .

    • Royette Sarmen

      yeah so true. where’s 2ne1?

      • teni

        ask disqus

    • Ericka Joy Formanes

      Are you blind ? You cant differentiate who is who ? Bitch your just idiot !
      Taengina mo pakamatay kana gagu ???

      • teni

        do u really need to spit shits on me? im just stating my opinion here if u dont want it you can defend your idols by stating your own thoughts too . how trashy , your attitude just reflects your idols . and i really cannot differentiate who is who , do i need to lie to feed your satisfaction? you’re the blind one , can u not even see that some of them look alike??? and dont call me bitch since u dont even know me , and calling me idiot ?? really ? i ve even finished a bachelor’s degree , how about u .how pathetic nothing to say but just that cursed words ,shame on u . ikaw ang mgpakamatay para mbawasan na dn wlang silbi dito sa mundo . next time have some class and brain in answering someone

  • renalyn sonio

    Super junior should be on the list,,..they are equally loved..and they have thier own name..
    I agree with Bigbang though only..
    And i only know about Sandara (Dara) on 2ne1 i love her and thier music..
    .(it’s just my opinion)

  • Noda Megumi

    well DBSK should be on top of the list… the 5 excels in their solo careers…

  • bLaCkpRincesS17

    Girls’ Generation is very popular even though they have so many members… GO GG Hwaiting NO. 1 .. QUEENS