Is MissA’s Min Renewing Her Contract?

MissA's Min Looking Adorable As Always

This month MissA’s Min’s contract with JYP Entertainment will be coming to an end.

The contract with JYP Entertainment will be over by the end of April, and it’s currently unclear whether or not Min will renew. JYPE has stated that “Just like with Suzy, we’re currently negotiating a contract with Min”.  Suzy’s contract was up last week, and it’s still unclear if she’ll sign back on – according to this quote it’s still being discussed. Jia chose not to sign on again in May 2016, and Fei is the only one who has certainly signed back on as of last year.

Min is currently participating in the musical “Boys Over Flowers”, and we expect to hear from her on this issue once the musical is over.

We’ll keep you up to date with what we hear!