Hallyu King: Kim Soo Hyun vs Song Joong Ki

Kim Soo Hyun and Song Joong Ki

Media source Nate created a poll asking the public on who do they think owns the title nowadays as Hallyu King and they gave out the choices: Either Kim Soo Hyun or Song Joong Ki.

Both amazing actors got huge popularity after starring in a phenomenal drama. Kim Soo Hyun with “My Love From The Stars” and Song Joong Ki for “Descendants of the Sun”. Both took all over Asia and melt the hearts of every Korean fan.

They are both very popular in Korea and China as well and considered as the top stars. In the result of the poll, Kim Soo hyun still got the highest votes with 80%.

But this poll was answered only by Korean and some Chinese fans so we have to hear the voice of International fans right?

Who do you think is the current Hallyu King: Kim Soo Hyun or Song Joong Ki?

  • ALEXAwsm⭐️

    joong ki !!!