Do you agree that iKON and BTS are the trendy boy groups these days?

An article in Pann suggested that these boy groups are the most talked about nowadays. They are the groups that has been vacuuming a lot of new fans from their promotions and current variety activities. Also, their album and digital sales are much higher compared to the groups that debuted the same year with them. And the most qualifies ones are they boys from BTS and iKON.

They compared the Legendary Idols, the Stable Idols and lastly their category, Trendy Idols.

The legendary idols (walls in terms of releases) include : BIGBANG AND EXO

the stable Idols (they get their much deserved attention) include : SHINee and Infinite

Trendy Idols (the most talked about lately, gaining new fans rapidly, active in promotions) : iKON and BTS


Do you agree with this? Do you think iKON and BTS are the trendy groups nowadays? If not, who should be on the list?

  • Irna Carsu